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Extra option in Columns tab of an object?

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In the Columns tab for an object, we have grid columns for TYPE_NAME (e.g. varchar) and COLUMN_SIZE (e.g. 255). Would it be possible to add a TYPE_AND_SIZE column too (e.g. varchar(255)) for easy copy/paste when writing SQL that uses table variables, temp tables or variables that need to have the same size as an existing column. I see an easier workaround than I've been using in the past is to copy/paste from the DDL tab, though I still need to manually remove the COLLATE clause for textual columns. It would certainly be nicer to be able to just copy/paste multiple column type definitions direct from the Columns grid if possible. Edited by: Vince Swann on 19-Nov-2012 16:27
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Re: Extra option in Columns tab of an object?
Vince, I'll register your suggestion. We would have add this in 9.0 but due to the lack of required information for all supported databases it is not an simple fix. Regards Roger