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Tab switching broken

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When you switch tabs in SQL editor using Ctrl+PageUp or Ctrl+PageDown, the window loses focus after the first switch and switching does not work until you restore the focus by clicking on the tab. To reproduce: * open 3 tabs in sql editor * set focus on the first tab (click tab heading) * press Ctrl+PageDown (this switches to second tab) * press Ctrl+PageDown again Expected: Switches to third tab Actual: Nothing happens (because tab loses focus) Additionally, this is also broken for switching between query result tabs. If you execute multiple queries to get several result tabs, then try switching using Ctrl+PageUp/Down, the first time it switches between result tabs, the second time it switches between editor tabs (focus jumps from result tab to editor tab) and the third time it doesn't do anything (loses focus). Regards, Ivan Product: DbVisualizer Pro 90.1866 Build: #1866 (2012/11/21 09:29) Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM Java Version: 1.7.0_09 Java Vendor: Oracle Corporation OS Name: Windows XP OS Arch: x86 OS Version: 5.1
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Re: Tab switching broken
Ivan, Thanks for reporting this. I will register a ticket. Regards Roger