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Ctrl-clicking a cell unselects all previously-selected cells

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ASSUMPTION: - A table with at least 1 column exists - Table contains at least 3 records STEPS - Go to Table > Data tab - Under 1 column, control-click 3 different cells - Control-click one of the selected cells EXPECTED - Control-clicked cell is unselected ACTUAL - All cells are unselected NOTE: This is applicable for cells in a single column only
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Re: Ctrl-clicking a cell unselects all previously-selected cells
Geff, This behavior is due to a limitation in the Java UI framework DbVisualizer use. Here is the response from Oracle on this subject: "When the set of cells are first CTRL-clicked on, the table marks them as selected by storing that the row and column for the clicked cells are selected. When CTRL-clicking again on the selected cell, this marks the row and column of that cell as being unselected. As a result, this unselects any other rows in the unselected column and any other columns in the unselected row." So basically, when there are a set of selected cells and you ctrl+click one of them, all cells in that row and column are de-selected. If you now ctrl+click another unselected cell in the same column all previously selected cells now reappear selected. To even better show how it works, select a block of cells spanning lets say 4 rows x 3 columns. Now ctrl-click the 3:rd column in the 4:row and you will see how the selection strategy works as it then deselects all cells that are in the intersection of the cell being clicked. Regards Roger