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Object Type changes after Save Filter

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Assumption: - Object Filter is open Steps: - Set Object Type to Table - Set an existing table name in the textbox (filter) - Click Save Filter button Expected: - Object Type changes to Databse Actual: - Object Type remains at Table NOTE: Rationale for expectation: If I filter by 1 table, I may want to look at another table later on. So, I would want the filter to remain. But I'm not sure if the implementation is intentional NOTE #2: There are cases where the Object Filter pane disappears you click teh Save Filters button, but I'm not able to pinpoint the exact scenario / steps
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Re: Object Type changes after Save Filter
Geff, We have an open ticket to change the object filtering functionality completely as it currently have some problems. I will add your comments in that ticket. Thanks again for the detailed reports. Regards Roger