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Database tree filters can prevent navigation via favourites

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I've noticed that I cannot open an item in the favourites list that has been filtered out by an object tree filter. In this case, I was trying to access the msdb.dbo.sysmail_allitems view but I normally have msdb filtered out of the database list. Double-clicking the favourite does nothing in this case - no error message, no navigation, no new tab, etc. I think at the least this should present an error dialog saying it can't open a tab due to a pre-existing filter. I'd prefer it to open a new object tab anyway but show an error if I try to use the hyperlink to navigate to the object's location in the object tree.
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Re: Database tree filters can prevent navigation via favourites
Vince, The reason no error is displayed when object is not available is that the object finder run in a background thread. Examining all objects may take a while and the user may move around in the GUI and perform other tasks. This is by design but can be modified to popup the error even if it may happen when the user is in another context. I will open a new ticket for this. Regards Roger