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Grid selection in Compare Objects

Not new to the beta, but when comparing two data grids, the Compare Objects selection dialog labels all grids with a "1:" prefix, unlike the text selections which are labeled according to tab number.

This appears to be because data grids are numbered within their parent tab, but when comparing two grids with the same SQL query but different connections it can be difficult to know exactly which grids are being selected.

Perhaps a solution would be to prefix data grids with SQL tab number and grid number? As in "1:1" and "2:1" ?

Hi Matt,

The labels in the Compare Objects selection dialog are based on the corresponding tab labels. For Object View Data tabs, it seems to be pretty clear so I assume that you talk about result set grids. In Tool Properties under General/Tabs, you can change the label for result set tabs to include the connection name, e.g., using the predefined pattern "${index}: ${connectionname} ${sql}". Is that what you're looking for?

Best Regards,


That addresses my request. Thanks!

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