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Support CSV (comma-separated value) format

DB Visualizer supports character separated value format. It should support comma-separated value export format with a single selection and not require the specification of multiple settings or changing the SQL to get it right.

CSV is a very common format:

It's simple to implement and should be implemented. Ideally, it should give the option of quoting all fields always or only when required by the specification (i.e. when the separator or single quote or double quotes are contained in the field value).

Additionally, if the CSV implementation could specify separator character then correct TSV (tab separated values) and PSV (pipe separated value) files could also be easily generated.


The current CSV functionality supports both the character and comma separated formats.

Would be great if you can tell what you believe is missing.



Sorry: this is my mistake. I'm new to DB Visualizer and my teammate who got me to start using it told me that the CSV files were not properly formatted. It's true that the default separator for CSV files oddly appears to be a tab but that's not a big deal: after testing it out the quoting and escaping are correct.

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