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Extend Paste formatted... command with support for Doctrine DBAL queries

Doctrine DBAL example:

            ->from('tbl_iop_item', 'item')
            ->join('item', 'mm_iop_reason', 'reason', 'reason.fk_iop_item = item.pkid')
            ->where($qb->expr()->eq('item.pkid', '1'))
            ->andWhere('reason.exemption_possible = false')

I would be a VERY big timesaver for us if we could paste sql queries as DBAL queries. So crossing my fingers...

Does this make any chance ?

Regards (off buying an extra license ;-))

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Hi Bart,

I'm sorry, but the chances that we would add support for this are very slim. We currently rely on a third party for the SQL Formatting feature.

Best Regards,


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