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Support for SQLite attach?

SQLite has a very useful feature, attach.  When connected to one SQLite database, attach allows connecting to a different SQLite database to make it's tables available which still connected to the first SQLite database.

When using dbvis (version 9.5), I can use the attach command and select from the files of the attached database.  However, the object browser doesn't update to show the newly attached tables.  Refreshing the objects tree also doesn't show the tables.

Is there any way to get the dbvis object browser to recognize the newly attached tables?

Hi, I'm afraid there no such feature. I have though added a feature request for this and added your vote for it.

Best Regards Ulf


One possible solution to make attach work is to set so that DbVisualizer use a single physical connection. Do this in the Connection tab and in the Physical Connection category. Give it a try and let us know if it works.



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