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right-click to view rows?

Most database managers have a way to right-click on a table or view to quickly see 1000 rows (the number may be different but the idea is the same).  pgAdmin offers Top 100, Last 100 or All Rows. SQL Server Mgmt Studio definitely has this feature, same with MySQL Workbench. Makes it very easy to explore the data in an unfamiliar table or just to see the latest entries. Would love to see this in DBVis.


Hi, Andy

Thanks for the suggestion. I will add this a suggestion for an improvement and add your vote for it.

Best Regards 



Isn't the Data view tab what you are looking for? Open the actual table in the Databases tab (double-click, use right-click menu options for Open... or hit space key to open a table), then in the right area there is the Data tab which shows the data.



OK this Data tab is nice, but it might be hard to remember since it isn't in the right-click menu. And it gets overwritten if I double-click a second table/view. And, I have to start over in a new, blank Commander window to customize the SQL with a WHERE clause or to specify column names, add IFNULLs, CASE/WHENs, etc, etc.

I envision the "View 1000 rows" as opening a new SQL Commander window with the statement "SELECT TOP 1000 * FROM mytable" (syntax adjusted to match DB) already populated on top and the results in a grid below, like a normal Commander window. Thus, after viewing the results, I can immediately start customizing the base SQL. Like the "Script View" concept, but bypassing the pop up window and directly SELECTing 1000 rows all in one click  (1000 is an arbitrary number that could be customized).



The nearest I can come up with is to use the Script Table/View function in the Databases list right-click menu. Once it is displayed click OK and then Ctrl+Enter in the SQL Commander to run it. 



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