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hints to result grid

I am currently working with a database containing many columns of very long char and text fields... like multiple pages of text in a single field. Also some long JSON strings as well. I can't view the entire text field inside the DBVis result grid, nor do I expect to, they are way too long to fit. When I need to inspect more, I can just copy and paste into a text editor.

However DBVis expands the width of the grid as wide as possible, this makes it very difficult to see an entire record since other fields are not visible. I went to the options and set a Max Column Width, this is better but it is one-size fits all.

What would be great is if there's a way to set a "hint" in the SQL statement that would specify the max_col_width for a specific column. This hint would not be sent to the DB server but just used internally by DBVis to set up the result grid. This hinting system could be expanded greatly, to apply colors to specific columns, or conditional results (i.e. yellow highlights if 'price' > 100)... but for the moment, just specifying column width would be great.  Thanks.

Hi Andy,

Thanks also for this suggestion.

I will create an internal ticket for this improvement suggestion and add your vote for it.


For very long data in grids, select the cell and then right-click and choose Edit/View Cell in Window. In that window there is also an option to use a wrapped text editor/viewer.

In addition you find the Form viewer in the same right-click menu. It will show the data for one grid row transposed into a form. (From there you can also open the Cell Window for selected cell).



The "edit/view cell in window" is great, thanks. Past projects didn't involve lots of text so I never looked for it before! Another thumbs up for DBVis.

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