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Attempt to create a connection freezes entire X system.

I am trying to use the latest version of DbVisualizer on a Debian-based Linux system running OpenBox window manager (this is a somewhat aged laptop and I need to keep the system load as low as possible...).

As soon as I start creating a new DB connection, the entire X system freezes: can't transfer focus to any other window, the on-screen clock does not refresh, cannot close or move any window, the only thing alive on the screen is the mouse.

The only way out of this is to logon to a terminal screen (by pressing Control+Alt+F1) and kill the DbVisualizer process - then everything unfreezes and the whole system seems to be back to normal.

Has this been observed ever before? How should I troubleshoot the problem? Any ideas are welcome.


Panos Tsapralis.

I, too, thought of using another window manager but currently I have none installed on my system because I want the OS to be as light as possible and I would like to keep it that way (this is a 7-8 years old laptop with a not-so-big disk drive - that's why I chose OpenBox...). Anyway, maybe I will install some other rather light window manager and test DbVisualizer with it.


I sounds as if there is something in your environment that causes the issues with Java. We haven't heard about the kind of problems you experience from others on Linux. Have you tried with another window manager?



I have noticed that the problem occurs some seconds after I select a database JDBC driver in the connection definition dialog. 30 minutes ago I started defining a DB connection and I left the application running and the system was OK - as soon as I switched back to DbVisualizer and selected the MySQL JDBC driver, the window manager froze again.


I am using DbVisualizer Free version 9.5 (build #2574) and Java version 1.7.0_111 on OS version 3.16.0-4-amd64.



What version of DbVisualizer are you using and what Java version?



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