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macOS Sierra

Will DBVis be ok on macOS Sierra?

Hi Eric,

It should work fine with Mac OS Sierra.

Best Regards,


FWIW there's a Java scrolling issue on Retina macs with trackpads on Sierra. DbVis is affected like most Java desktop apps (e.g. IntelliJ IDEA). If you don't use a trackpad on a retina mac, shouldn't be a big deal.

Hi Geoffrey,

Thanks for letting us know. I assume that this is the issue you mean:

It looks like it will be fixed in the next Java 8 maintenance release. 

I tested scrolling in an SQL Commander tab with Java 8 Update 111 on a MacBook with Retina and macOS Sierra and a trackpad, and scrolling  seems a bit faster than on earlier macOS versions but it is still usable (IMHO).

Best Regards,


Indeed -- that's the issue. 

Scrolling is a lesser concern in dbvis than in intellij for me, so it's not as big a deal. Having said that I'm waiting for the JVM fix before moving my primary machine to Sierra to avoid this issue.

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