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Autocomplete triggering when it shouldn't

I've been trying to use autocomplete in its "Automatic Display" mode recently. For the most part its been quite handy, but there's one behaviour which I'm having to fight with and its stopping me from adopting it permanently.

The issue is that the autocomplete box is appearing when I've finished typing, for example take the following simple SQL statement:


    payment p
    p.customer_id = 1

If I then want to change the distinct p.amount to a SUM(p.amount) I'm finding that the autocomplete box will appear after I've typed the closing parenthesis. If I don't manually close the autocomplete box when I hit Ctrl-Enter to run the script it will insert all columns in the table in the the query.

In this case I'd expect the autocomplete to trigger if I typed further.

I've had a play with all the settings I can find but couldn't find a way around this. Is this behaviour intended?

Hi Ben,

I agree that showing the completion list when the caret is just after the closing parenthesis is not desired. This will be fixed in the next maintenance release.

Best Regards,



We've just released 9.5.4 with fix for the issue you reported.



That's great, thanks guys!

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