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Vertical editing of multiple table rows.

Currently by default for viewing table data, there is column wise, horizontal scrolling option. But for a table with many number of columns it is difficult to scroll horizontally and find the column we were searching for. Also when scrolling horizontally everything seems blurry and finding a particular column is very difficult. 

It would be great if we can view it vertically as we can easily use mouse for scrolling and finding columns also will be easy. Currently there is an option to edit a single row vertically but its not applicable for multiple rows. Please add an option to edit or view all the table data vertically.

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In Tools->Tool Properties and the General / Grid category there is an option to switch from Column Scrolling to Variable Scrolling. The latter gives a smoother scrolling.

There is also the option in the grid right-click menu to search for column names in case there are a lot of them and you need to get to one quickly.

For your request on transposing the column based data orientation to a row based, that would require a lot of work. The request is new to us and I will open a new ticket.



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