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Unable to connect to remote DB2 Connect [Urgent]

Hello Everyone,

While I am connecting to Remote DB2(As400) from DB visualizer it is giving me an error "ping not possible for this driver as driver definition does not specify Database Port", but in driver properties I have added a new entry  "DatabasePort" along with its value.

Jar file which I've downloaded is from

Any pointers why I am getting this error..

Many Thanks.

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Ping Server attempts to establish a TCP/IP connection to a port on a server, and it needs both the server name and the port number to do so. It gets this information from the fields in the Connection tab that are used to build the JDBC URL, but for the DB2 for AS/400 (JTOpen) driver, the JDBC URL cannot include a port number. 

That's why you get this message when you click the Ping Server button, but why do you do that if you are already connected? Its purpose is to test that a connection can be established, i.e. to eliminate network issues when looking into the cause of connection problems.

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