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Path to current object browser items

Hello all,

when working with several locations within databases with lots of schemas and tables, I often find myself scrolling the object tree up to reassure myself that I am in the correct location.

What I would like to see is the parent nodes (ie path) of the topmost item at all times. That could either be a dynamic textual header or then could the parent nodes just stay visible when scolling the tree down.

What do you think of this?

Jonas Sundman

I think this would be great - how about a separate, read-only, live window that constantly displays this "path" of parent nodes for whatever object is currently selected, whether that object is a tab or a node or whatever. And while maybe the user could choose single-line vs tree format, for me tree is superior because visually I know which part of the path I'm interested in.

Hi Jonas,

Good idea. I'll open a ticket for consideration.



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