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MongoDB support

Found a thread migrated from your old forum about this but unable to comment and Roger posted 10 months ago.

Any news? 


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Hi Roger,

This is still on our todo list and is not yet scheduled for a specific release. I've added your vote for supporting MongoDB and you will be notified if we do something in this area.

Best Regards,


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Hey Guys,

i'd like to ask if there is the chance to see, how many votes have been made for a feature-request.

Are there maybe even any plans to force such requests by using any crowdfunding-solutions. For me i can say, i love dbvis and its features and would support high rated features with personal money :-)



Hi Tom,

We do not have a public feature request forum, but we have received a few requests for MongoDB support. Since it is not a SQL database, it is not completely clear how it would fit into DbVisualizer, though.

While we do not actively look at supporting it at the moment, we are aware of a few JDBC drivers that support MongoDB, mapping document collections to tables. One is the DataDirect driver:, which we have heard works with DbVisualizer. There is also the Apache Drill project, which supposedly provides a JDBC driver for MongoDB:

You may want to try out one of those drivers. If you do, please let us know the result.

Best Regards,


Tried the 30-day eval versions of both cdata & Progress/DataDirect's JDBC MongoDB drivers. Both works fine on basic documents and collections. 

No price for either on the web-site !

Couldn't get anywhere with Drill. Seems so complicated to set-up and appears that it's read-only. Given up. 

Had a quick go with both drivers. Neither allow you (in DbVisualizer) to Create a Collection (Table) or insert a Document (Record or Row) into an existing Collection (Table).

Just useful for browsing, but without above you may as well use "mongo" from the console/terminal/command prompt. 


both drivers just give you the chance to get read only info. I had the progress driver (costs by the way as jdbc driver for windows round about 250€!!!). Additionally the driver uses a static moment, which means you have to use the progress tool to create a schemadefinition for use in DBvisualizer.

Nogo facts for Progress
1. the actuality of the shown data might be old, cause for new schema and content, you need to run the progress tool again before you use it then in DBvis!
2. readonly (no update,insert ect possible!)
3. price!

Nogo fact for drill:
1. not really usable under windows...too complicated to setup
2. also only static content if you use it in DBvis. Also readonly (no update,insert ect possible!)

Hey Roger,

is there an update concerning this ?



Update - As in what?

I do more and more with MongoDB, so using:

MongoDB Compass Community Beta

Use DbVisualizer for MySQL related work. 

Hi Tom,

At the DbVisualizer end, we have not yet looked into this in more detail. As for any progress on the driver end, I do not know.

Best Regards,


In the past 9 months, I've not used one SQL database. All my work has been MongoDB or AWS DynamoDB any update on the support of NoSQL databases?

Seem to spend all my time in Mongo Compass.

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