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[insane] Executable, packaged queries

I've recently started playing with the DBVisualizer Variables for parameterized queries.  There are lots of queries I run multiple times a day, so this is very convenient.  What would take it to the next level is if I could "compile" and export these to an executable.  It could include the connection information and credentials (encrypted). I could then distribute these to the helpdesk or management.  The EXE would contain enough of DBVis code to run the query and display the results in a simple output pane, perhaps even include the amazing visualization options.

Again, I know it's insane, but thought I'd mention it just for funsies :)


Interesting idea. I'll open a ticket and bring it to the table internally.



I know it's really crazy and probably not much demand, so I'll understand if the developers laugh out loud. :)

I just realized I could do this with the command line functionality.  I can't "package" the credentials, but I can still make a dead simple "double click, get results" solution.

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