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Remote/Shared Bookmarks

I am preparing to roll out DBVis to a couple other users here that are not SQL proficient.  My current plan is simply to copy a few .SQL files to their bookmarks folder.  However, it would be nice if I could point it to a network drive.  Last I checked, this was not possible.  Previously I have used symbolic links to do this, but it's a pain in the butt.

Any hope of a special Shared Bookmarks folder that can be pointed to a network drive?

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Hi Scott,

This is something we have on our todo list. I have added your vote for it. For now, symbolic links is the best/only way to go.

Best Regards,


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I'm voting for it too!  :)

I tried symbolic links and while it worked... it seemed to only sorta work. That is, the symbolically linked folder worked but no subfolders worked.  Drat!  

(Using:  DbVisualizer 9.5.1  on  Windows 7)

Hi Mike,

I've added your vote as well.

Best Regards,


Good morning 
Now we are 5 years  ahead, how is shared bookmarks in Version 11 arranged

We are in a CItrix environment and have limited possibilities to change things.

We would like to have the bookmarks on a specific drive so we can use our sql shared

Also new application deliveries can be shared 

How can we make this happen

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