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After running query with DBVis Variable, no way to know what the value was?

If I run, for instance, this:

SELECT count(*) FROM MyTable WHERE Date >= '${startdate}$'

It works as expected, however when I return to the results later I don't see any way to determine what date I entered for this particular query.  This very thing happened to me today.  I had a long running query and I can't remember what date I entered :(.  I even tried Right Click > "Load SQL In New Editor". Unfortunately it includes the variables instead of the values I entered.

Am I missing something?

Hi Scott,

In the Log tab, the value of the variable is displayed as part of the executed statement. Make sure this is visible using the right-click menu and toggle Show SQL.

Best Regards,


Ahh, good tip.  Thanks.

Also, I just started doing something like this:

@set resultset name Number of Searches since ${StartDate||||Date||Where}$ by ${FacilityCode||||String||Where}$;
SELECT COUNT(*) as Searches
FROM MyTable
WHERE Facility = ${FacilityCode}$
AND EventType = 'Search'
AND LocalDateTime >= ${StartDate}$;

It makes for a long tab name, but it's very useful.

Hi Scott,

That works :-) You don't really need to specify the Where option; it is used internally but should not affect anything the way you use the variables, so you can drop it if you want less to type.

Best Regards,


Didn't "Where" used to give a little blue indicator in the parameter UI?  It doesn't seem to do that anymore.

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