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Permission error when setting name of resultset?

I have a query that I use daily.  It works fine without any alerts.  However, if I simply prepend @set resultset name Test; it gives me the following alert:


I can duplicate the behavior with a very simple query: 

@set resultset name Test;
SELECT TOP 10 * MyTable;

There is no alert without the @set command.

p.s. I thought I had opened a ticket for this but I can't find it so I thought I'd just post here instead of potentially opening a duplicate.


This is fixed in DbVisualizer 9.5.5 that was release during the weekend.



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Upgrading, thanks!

Hey there, I see that this permission alert has returned in this latest release (10.0.26).  I wasn't seeing this alert popup before.  I do not see (maybe I'm not looking hard enough) an option to disable these alerts.  Please let me know if there is something I can do to turn them off.


The permissions are defined in Tools->Tool Properties under the General / Permissions category. 

They are activated based on the Permission Mode setting in the Connection tab for your database connection. 

Does this make sense?



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