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Default schema in sql commander

Hello.  Any chance we can have an option for connections to have an override schema. For example, for my Sybase connections, I want some to default to 'dbo', regardless of the ID that was used to login and others to some other schema.. etc.. Thanks

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The schema that is selected by in an SQL Commander tabs depends on a number of criteria. 

1) If the focus is in an SQL Commander tab and you open a new, it gets the same selections for Database Connection, Database and Schema as the one that had the focus,

2) If no SQL Commander has the focus and you have a schema node, table node or similar database object selected in the tree, a new SQL Commander gets the corresponding Database Connection, Database and Schema selected,

3) If none of the above is true, and you have a connection node selected, the settings in the Properties tab for the connection under the SQL Commander category determines the selection for the Database and Schema: the connection default, none or the most recently used.

I hope this helps you get what you're asking for.

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