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Grid goes into edit mode by itself

Running 9.5.5 on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.

It seems the result grid often goes into editing mode by itself. If I click on a cell (perhaps to read it, highlight it, point at it) and then move my mouse, the cell will very often go to in-place editing mode. I say very often because it doesn't happen 100%, I cannot seem to figure out exactly what triggers it. Sometimes it takes just a second or two, sometimes 5-10 seconds.

It is quite rare that I want to edit my results, and even then, I want to be very sure that I want to be in editing mode. I would like editing mode to only turn on if I click a specific button. I do not like the grid deciding by itself to become editable. If this is a convenience feature, I'd like to be able to turn it off. If it is a bug, I hope you can fix it.

Besides just leaving data potentially exposed to an accidental edit, It is also annoying because if I re-run a query, a tab in editing mode doesn't get overwritten. So sometimes I realize I have 4 result tabs open with the exact same query, only because the previous 3 all got into editing mode accidentally.

Thank you.


Thanks for the detailed post. This is new to us and to better understand, can you please email a screencast showing the issue? The email address is



Wanted to follow up after sending you the video. Hard to pinpoint the issue for sure, but it appears that an upgrade to the "EitherMouse" utility (which is terrific, by the way) might cause some problems after a few days of switching a laptop from powered to sleep mode and back. So, not a DBViz issue. Thanks.


Hi Andy,

Great, thanks for letting us know.

Best Regards,


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