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Task Scheduling


I've recently stumbled upon DBVisualizer and I'm slowly starting to gain support within my department to utilize this application over Access due to the power and flexibility of pulling data. 

The only thing this baby is lacking that I have need for is a task scheduler... I'm a "Read Only" End User to our data sources and I do not have the ability to create automated tasks upon our servers.  It would be amazing if DBV could have a basic task scheduler to connect to a resource and run pre-written scripts, and automatically export the result sets to a file with data support (ie: filename.1.24.2017.csv)...

Assuming I leave my app open with my screen locked... I could come in first thing in the morning with my data waiting for me vs the other way around :)



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Hi Robert,

DbVisualizer provides a command line interface that can be used with the OS schedulers:

Even if you only have read-only access to the servers, you should be able to schedule tasks on your PC to run the scripts to grab the data.

Best Regards,


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