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Release roadmap?

Do you have a release roadmap for DbVisualizer?

I noticed from the release notes that it's been over four years since version 9 was released. Do you have any plans for version 10?

If the next major release is around the corner, that would be a good time for me to switch from my current DB tool. I'd hate to switch now and then find out that i just missed version 10! ;)

Hi Mikael,

We don't put any semantic in the versioning of DbVisualizer but more if it is a feature version (ex 9.0, 9.1, 9.5) or a maintenance version, 9.0.2, 9.5.3, 9.5.6, ...

We are finishing the next feature version and at this point we haven't decided whether it will be called 10.0 or 9.x. Expect it during the spring.



Ok, thanks!

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