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Allow folders to be "opened" in File Open dialog

I've experienced an odd problem lately where I'm often unable to double-click folders in the File Open dialog to open them. I see this problem in another Java application I use so I suspect that this is a Java problem and not a DbVisualizer problem.

In the other Java application the "Open" button is enabled for folders allowing me to single-click the folder then open it by clicking on the "Open" button or pressing the <Enter> key. Unfortunately, in DbVisualizer the "Open" button is disabled for folders so I'm not able to use this workaround.

Could the File Open dialog be modified to enable the "Open" action for folders, please and thanks?


Oops... This was a really old one and unanswered. Can't figure out how we could have missed it. Sorry.

Anyway, what specific file choosers do you see this problem with?



Hi Roger,

After further testing I realize that I'm only seeing this on Mac, not Windows. I'm running version 10.0.6 with the MacOS L&F. On the Mac if I select a directory in the File Open dialog the "Open" button is not enabled, but on Windows it is enabled. I tried changing the "File Format" from "SQL script" to "All Files" but it made no difference.


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