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My Requriement is that I have ASP.Net software installed in my LAN Network with Microsoft SQL Server as a database.

The issue we are facing is that whenever we executuce any query for Ex.Adding record/editing records the whole system gets hanged and we have to kill processes to get rid of that. So we need the database management system which can improve the MS SQL performance and to avoid kill process activity.


So, is your software suitable for my above requirement and how it will solve the issue.


Pl explain me in detail before I place the order.


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Thanks for your interest in DbVisualizer!

DbVisualizer supports SQL Server but we have no experience with ASP.Net. I really encourage you to give the DbVisualizer Pro edition a try by signing up for an evaluation. 

  1. First download and install DbVisualizer
  2. Once installed, start it and open Help->Evaluate Pro Edition to start the evaluation.
We recommend all users to thoroughly test the software prior to purchase.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance with any questions you may have.



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