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Autocomplete adds schema name

In prior version, following the guidelines from I had disabled qualifiers to be added to my table name and this worked great. However in the BETA build it has regressed.

In my Connection -> Properties -> Qualifiers all the checkboxes are unchecked, yet when I autocomplete my table dbo. is added to the table name

Product: DbVisualizer Pro 100.2660 [Build #2660] [BETA VERSION]

OS: Mac OS X

OS Version: 10.11.3

OS Arch: x86_64

Java Version: 1.8.0_112

Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM

Java Vendor: Oracle Corporation

Database: SQL Server (jTds and sqlserver.jar)

Hi Imran,

Thanks for reporting this. It will be corrected in another Beta version and you will be notified when it's available.

Best Regards,


Hi Imran,

The 100.2674 beta version is now available with a fix for the issue you reported.


Easiest is that you open Help->Check for Update in DbVisualizer to perform the upgrade.  An alternative is that you download from our web site:



Yup, I just updated and it seems to be working now.

Great, thanks for confirming.

Best Regards,


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