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Connection through rinetd

I have configured a server (B) in which rinetd has been used to redirect traffic from A to C.
In A I have DBVisualizer to connect to the server in C.
In B the redirection is towards the C server, which has MySQL on port 3306

In server B I have in /etc/rinetd.conf as foloows:
# bindadress  bindport  connectaddress  connectport  3333  3306

In DBVisualizer I have configured a MySQL server on address and port 3333.

The ping test works fine, but when I wan to connect, I receive this error:
An error occurred while establishing the connection:
Long Message:
ResultSet is from UPDATE. No Data.
 Type: java.sql.SQLException
 SQL State: S1000

I have captured the traffic from B to C and I can see how after DBVisualizer ask for SHOW VARIABLES, the server C answer
Variable_name................Value....................back_log.50.....basedir./usr/.....binlog_cache_size.32768 ....

This information is not redirected back to A (DBvisualizar), I think that for the following reason:
In Fig 2 (details.pdf attached) you can see in packet 10 [FIN, ACK], which could cause the rinetd daemon to terminate the communication.

Do you know if there is some option in DBVisualizer to force to not send [FIN ACK] unless the user ask for terminate the connection?
Or maybe...
Do you know it there is a configuration in rinetd to not terminate the socket if it receive [FIN, ACK] and keep moving the sockets from side to side?


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Hi Angel,

This sounds like an issue at the JDBC driver level rather than at the DbVisualizer level. DbVisualizer uses the driver for all communication with the database and has no options that affect network communication.

Best Regards,


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