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postgresql 10 beta - partition table

PostgreSQL version 10(beta) supports partitioned tables.

Table attribute 'p' has been added.

The parent table is not visible.


It works after modifying as below.

      <Command id="postgresql8.getTables">
SELECT c.relname                                     AS "Name",
       n.nspname                                     AS "Schema",
       pg_get_userbyid(c.relowner)                   AS "Owner",
       t.spcname                                     AS "Tablespace",
       c.relhasindex                                 AS "Has Indexes",
       c.relhasrules                                 AS "Has Rules",
            <If test="#util.isDatabaseVersionGTE(8,4)">
       c.relhastriggers                               AS "Has Triggers",
       (c.reltriggers > 0)                            AS "Has Triggers",
       c.relisshared                                 AS "Is Shared",
       c.relnatts                                    AS "N Cols",
       pg_catalog.obj_description(c.oid, 'pg_class') AS "Comment"
FROM   pg_class c
   LEFT JOIN pg_namespace n   ON n.oid = c.relnamespace
   LEFT JOIN pg_tablespace t  ON t.oid = c.reltablespace
WHERE 1=1 
<If test="#util.isDatabaseVersionGTE(10,0)">
AND c.relkind in( 'r'::"char", 'p'::"char")
AND c.relkind in( 'r'::"char")
AND   n.nspname LIKE '${schema}'
AND   c.relname LIKE '${table}'
ORDER BY n.nspname, c.relname


Postgres 10 now allows for native partitioning. We will use this feature within a project in a
big german company. Currently, dbvis 10.0.4 does not recognize a partitioned table and handles
partitions just like regular tables. Thus we currently recommed pgAdmin4 v2.0 which correctly
subsumes all partitions under its parent table and subpartions under their partition and so on.
Maybe you want to add some cool partition features to dbvisualizer :)

Best regards


Thank you.


PostgreSQL 10 was released just a week ago, and we have not formally tested with it yet or looked at if there are any new features we should add support for. Once we've done that, the Supported Databases page will be updated to show formal support also for version 10. 

The features developed for earlier versions are more than likely to work fine also with PostgreSQL 10. We provide database-specific support for many different databases and add new features for new database version based on requests from our customers. If you find that we do not support something added in PostgreSQL 10, let us know and we will look into it.

Best Regards,


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But on the page there is only PostgreSQL 8,9;
at there is no mention of new features. Release Notes 10.0, 10.0.1, 10.0.2 also do not contain PostgreSQL 10. Are they obsolete pages?


Hi Konstantin,

The change discussed here is included in DbVisualizer 10.0, available for purchase now. Is there some other PostgreSQL 10 feature you would like to see supported? 

Best Regards,


Can I buy dbvis with PostgreSQL 10 support?


Thank you. Roger.


Thanks. We're currently running a beta testing of the upcoming 10.0 version. We'll include this in the next beta version.



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