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Postgres compilation error

I am running a Postgres 9.4 DB server on AWS RDS.  When I execute a store procedure, I get this cryptic error message:

 08:38:16 [SELECT - 0 rows, 0.042 secs] [Code: 0, SQL State: 42601] ERROR: invalid type name "study_user_role.role_name%TYPE"

  Where: compilation of PL/pgSQL function "get_data_from_f_demographics_ig_demog_ungrouped" near line 8

... 1 statement(s) executed, 0 rows affected, exec/fetch time: 0.042/0.000 sec [0 successful, 1 errors]

The same statement executes correctly in PGAdmin.  What is causing this error and how do I avoid it?



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Hi Marc,

The error message comes from the PostgreSQL database (or the driver), not from DbVisualizer. Are you using the same database account when you use the function with PGAdmin as you do when you use it with DbVisualizer?

Best Regards,


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