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hot do i get multiple tabs for a 'merge results'

i am trying to do a merge results based on the link,, its pretty simple, just select the results in the tabs, but when i SQL editor i have 2 queries in seperate tabs, if i click on the restults tab and select "merge results" it doesnt show the other retults tab... in your sample all the output tabs are in 1 window.

how do i use merge results from different queries?

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Merge works only for multiple result sets generated in the same SQL Commander tab.



thanks, fairly new to SQL and dbViz.  How do you generate "multiple result sets generated in the same SQL".  is this done within the SQL query syntax, or is this a feature of dbViz, if so how?  thanks, any examples or links would be great if you have...

Just enter multiple SELECT statements, separated by statement separators (semicolon), in the same SQL Commander tab and execute them all together. 

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