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load scv file to Table, error on Table name

I load CSV file and save to new Table. 

The database name is cls

schema is dbo

Table name: test

I successfully create Table dbl.test

and start insert. But generate errors during the insert. each error for each row

like this

09:44:17 [ Row: 95, File lines: 95-95 ] Invalid object name 'cls.test'

The Table name should be dbo.test. but here show cls.test. Of course, that is wrong.

Apparently, some thing wrong with the name

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Hi Frank,

We need more info in order to help you. Please open Tools->Debug Window and enable debugging for DbVisualizer. Perform the import again and use Help->Contact Support to submit a new support ticket, making sure that Attach Logs is enabled.

Best Regards,


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