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Retain level information when collapsing a connection (Alt+DblClick)

Is it possible to remember how many levels were open when expanding / collapsing child objects? It would be nice if after Alt+DblClick collapses a node, hitting it a second time would expand that node to where it was before.

It would be fine if DBVis only saves that information once per database connection (rather than multiple layouts per connection, which would be confusing), saving the only *last* configuration so re-opening a connection restores the entire tree to the point it was last opened at.

Note that this would enable a user to quickly and easily temporarily collapse a tree all the way to the top, see what connection is active, and then restore the tree to the point it was at before.

Hi Charles,

If you click on the expand/collapse icons (plus signs in most Look and Feels) for the tree nodes rather than using the Expand/Collapse actions (via keybindings or from the right-click menu), it already works as you suggest. The Expand/Collapse actions are explicitly intended to reset the state to fully expanded/collapsed.

Best Regards,


I wasn't referring to the Expand/Collapse menu or right-click actions, but to the new double-click option in the Tool Properties (under Database Objects Tree, where Double-Click and/or Alt + Double-Click can be set to Expand/Collapse Child Objects).

When this option is enabled its functionality does not replicate either the "plus sign" next to the tree nodes *or* the Expand/Collapse actions. I was hoping it could at least replicate the "plus sign"s behavior, since to me that is the most useful.

But even the "plus sign" behavior doesn't put the cursor back on the node it was at before the collapse. I would like to be able to collapse the tree to see the *current node* in context, and then re-expand it so that I am still positioned on the that same node.

Now that you have a brand new way of expanding/collapsing nodes (the double-click), I thought it might be able to implement this feature request.

Hi Charles,

The Double-Click and Alt+Double Click mappings to Expand/Collapse are just a third way to invoke the Expand/Collapse actions, and as I said earlier, they are explicitly intended to reset the state to fully expanded/collapsed. To get the behavior you ask for, use the "plus sign" icons.

I believe what you ask for, including selecting a specific node in the expanded tree, can be accomplished with Autoscroll FROM Object View tab:

If you enable this feature, you can open an Object View tab for a node, use the "plus sign" icon to collapse the tree for the corresponding connection, and click on the Object View tab header to expand the tree again and select the corresponding node.

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