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New AutoScroll option

This is great! I do have a suggestion, though:

With AutoScroll enabled on the Database Objects window, the "scrolling" is happening even when a right-click or a double-click is executed. 

  • A right-click should just open a context menu, not cause some other action. 
  • A double-click is not two single clicks, and shouldn't trigger the same action that a single click does, regardless of what *other* action(s) it triggers. If the new Expand/Collapse action is enabled for double-click, you want a double-click to do only that, not change the contents of a tab.
Keep up the great improvements!


Having no selection or a single selected object, and then right-click on another it will automatically select the object under the mouse. The reason is to visually show which object will be affected by the action selected in the right-click menu. If Autoscroll TO is also enabled, it will automatically open the object in the object view tab.

The same applies for double-click as it will then also select the object.

We've checked numerous other applications and there is no single best practice how this should work.



I agree, there's no single best practice. It depends on what the user might be trying to accomplish. If a user wants to displays a navigator object in a tab, they click it. Why would they need the ability to double-click it *too*, just to accomplish the same thing, oh and *also* display its children? And why would they right-click it to accomplish the exact same thing, oh and *also* to give them the additional option of doing something *else* with the same object and a tab (like, open it *again*, either in *another* tab or (ridiculously) the *same* tab that they just re-opened it into)? They wouldn't.

A right-click should do what a right-click does, not do a single-click and *also* what a right-click does. Ditto for double-click.

For the same reason that clicking the "plus" icon to the left of a database object doesn't first open that object in a tab and then expand the children objects, double-clicking an object shouldn't do that either..


What are you settings for: 

- Double-click Actions for Database Objects

- Autoscroll 

You find these in Tools->Tool Properties and the General / Database Objects Tree category? It is difficult to comment your findings without knowing your setup.



I have Autoscroll TO Object View checked and Double-Click set to Expand/Collapse Child ObjectsWith Autoscroll checked, simply right-clicking an object brings it up in a tab, just as if I'd single-clicked it.

When I double-click an object the first click of the double-click causes the tab to open with that object, and the second click of the double-click causes the children objects to expand.

On another matter, if you do that a couple of times in a row you should see that the 1st and 2nd clicks get confused at some point, after which a single click will trigger the expansion/collapse, and a double-click will trigger it twice (either expand followed immediately by collapse, or vice-versa).

It appears that double-click has been implemented as 2 single-clicks, which may be the root cause of these anomalies. 

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