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DbVis v10 fails to recognize terminator on MERGE

Despite the fact that there is a semi-colon to close the MERGE statement shown below in the image, DbVis indicates that the ';' is missing. I encountered this issue when connected to a SQL Server 2014 local instance.



Thank you very much for a fantastic application!

Glad you like our product.

Please check the following how to resolve the issue:



Thank you very much Roger. I can't say that I understand the reason that this is needed. The script does run in DbVis when I add the delimiter logic but unfortunately that limits successful script execution to DbVis; the script will now fail in SSMS. This still seems to be an issue that should be resolved.
Again, my sincere thanks for your assistance.



One of the options in the page Roger referred you to is to use Execute Buffer. It does not require any changes to the script.

It is very odd that the SQL Server requires a semicolon to end a MERGE statement submitted via JDBC. Typically, the semicolon must not be sent with a statement, as it is just a statement delimiter and not part of the statement itself. This is true also for SQL Server and other statement types like SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE etc.

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Thank you both... BTW, I love the improved logging features. DBVis is clearly one of the best investments I've ever made.


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