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New behavior in 10 when running a script that inserts lots of rows

We have data loading scripts that we will run occasionally from dbvisualizer into Oracle that are just lots of insert statements over and over.

With dbvis 10, the details of every single insert is captured and displayed in the log below the inserts.  This significantly slows down the execution of the script by factors of 10.  In the past, it would quickly run the insert and then summarize the results at the end of completion.

Is there a setting that will allow me to revert to the older behavior without reverting back to version 9 (which I'm considering since the new behavior is so bad)

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I agree - while in some situations it is extremely useful to have all that detailed information about a script, in the vast majority of my use-cases it is distracting and unnecessary. Besides making the script run slower.

A check-box saying "Log each SQL command?" would be great.


Sorry for the delay on this.

I assume you need to disable Preprocess Script prior to execute the script? Do this in the SQL Commander menu under Preprocess Script->Preprocess Script. Make sure it is unchecked.

Another option is to disable Include Success Entries, Include Failed Entries in the log grid right-click menu in Filter Log Entries.

Does this help?



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