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Focus changes when Autoscroll is set

I have the new AutoScroll option set, so when a tab is displayed the Database Objects grid is scrolled to the correct spot. But when that happens the focus changes to the Database Objects window and never returns to where it was.

For example, if I have an invalidated tab open (showing a table in a database that has subsequently been closed), moving to that tab momentarily highlights the Load button allowing me to hit Enter to reload the tab, but then Autoscroll takes over and moves the focus, so I have to use the mouse to get back to the Tab window.

Auto-scrolling should not permanently change the focus from where it was.


We've seen a few related focus issues that has been hard to resolve. We'll take another look.



Hi Charles,

We have just released 10.0.1 which includes a fix for the problem you reported.

Easiest is that you open Help->Check for Update in DbVisualizer to perform the upgrade. 

An alternative is that you download from our web site:

Best Regards, 


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