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Allow navigation to a particular tab via a Key Binding

I often find myself switching between open tabs. It would be great if I could assign a Key Binding to a particular open tab. The binding would only be temporary, and would go away if the tab was closed or DbVisualizer was re-started.

It would be even better if there were a key combination to *assign* the key binding. For example, if Alt+<digit> was the key binding, Shift+Alt+<digit> would be the assignment key binding. So from a particular tab I could use Shift+Alt+1, and then from anywhere else I could use Alt+1 to get back to that tab (until the tab goes away or that key binding was re-assigned to another tab).

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Really sorry for the delay. Your post had slipped into the shadows.

I will open a ticket and we'll monitor any future request for such feature.



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