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Option when opening new table to start on same sub-tab that last table is currently showing

When opening a new window for a table there are several sub-tabs (Info, Columns, Data, DDL, etc). Depending upon what I'm doing, I might want to look at one particular sub-tab for different tables. Right now I have to click that sub-tab each time I open a table. While I could change the "Default Layout" so DbVis opens the desired sub-tab automatically, I don't want to be constantly changing the default - that ruins the whole concept of setting a "default".

What I'd like to see is a "follow-me" option that tells DbVis that when it opens a new table it should display the same sub-tab that was displayed in the last table window. So if I'm looking at Data in table A and I open a tab with table B, show me Data. If I'm looking at the number of records in A, instead of opening a new tab for table B in the Info sub-tab, show me the number of records in B.

DbVis has to start in *one* of the sub-tabs, so why not start in the same one that I just left? I don't know about anyone else, but I know 90% of the time that's exactly what I want to do.

Another reason not to use Default Layout to attempt to simulate this functionality is the cost. Clicking the Data sub-tab on a table with lots of fields and records could take a long time; clicking the Number of Records sub-tab when there are lots of records can take forever! I wouldn't want either of those to be a Default because I'd have to remember to reset the default after I'm done. But a temporary, follow-me selection of sub-tab means I'd only have to click on a different sub-tab to change the "default" sub-tab and avoid an unnecessary and frustrating delay.


I cannot really see the type of "follow-me" behavior you suggest is any different from Save as Default Layout. What would it add/improve compared to Save as Default Layout?

You mention that "another reason not to use Default Layout to attempt to simulate this functionality is the cost". Why would this be any different when saved as default vs a new follow-me? All sub-tabs for a database object have Stop capability in case of long running jobs. The Data tab also have a Tool Properties setting to limit the number of rows being displayed when first displayed.



I don't understand why every time I make a suggestion it becomes a battle with you people. It would be easy for you to add the "follow me" option, it would make the program more intuitive, and people who don't like it can just turn it off. What is the big deal?


  1. A "Default Layout" is exactly that: the default layout. If I set a default layout it's because I sometimes change my current layout but don't want to affect the next window that opens. If I use the default layout to try to emulate a follow-me feature, I lose the ability to have both a default layout and a current layout. 
  2. If I have to click "Save to Default Layout" every time I want to have the same sub-tab open on newly-displayed tables, I might just as well click the desired sub-tab. That's only one click instead of move, right-click, move, click again (not to mention having to remember to do all that before opening a new table) 
  3. I can't use the keyboard to select Set to Default Layout, and there's no Key Binding for it. And I tried recording a macro to do it - it didn't work for me. 
  4. Worst of all, the Save to Default Layout menu choice is right next to "Reset to Factory Layout". I'm not perfect, and occasionally I will click the wrong menu item (especially if I have to do it all the time). In this case clicking the wrong menu item will wipe my Default Layout without even asking me if that's what I really wanted to do. 
  5. I know you can stop a job and limit the number of records retrieved. Your product has a lot of options - that's one of the reasons I like it. I'm suggesting a new option that would complement the existing features. Can you come up with a series of actions that would accomplish my suggestion? Clearly you did. Does that make my suggestion less desirable? No. 


Now you're going to add a dialog to the Reset to Factory Layout menu item (#4), and make it possible to define a Key Binding for Save to Default Layout (#3), and say you resolved my issue. Whatever. I make suggestions because I think they'll make your product better. I do this for a living and I'm good at it. I'm right about this feature, but if you don't want to add it you don't have to. But please don't act as if I'm insane for suggesting it.


Every single suggestion is considered carefully. If we were to add all suggestions without further analyse, the product would be bloated, non-uniform and potentially difficult to use. We've been working with DbVisualizer for 20 years, listening to thousands of users. We know this area quite good.

We early understood you are a professional tester and we really appreciate your bug reports and suggestions! However, to add a new feature or improvement it needs to be generally useful by the majority of our users. An extra bonus is of course that the more users requesting it, it is more likely getting into the product. It is not my intention to put you in a bad mode or make you feel insane. We encourage all users to come up with feedback but that also, if needed, implies discussions back and forth. We cannot lay flat and say okay to everything.

I have opened a ticket for the follow me suggestion and we will discuss it internally.



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