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Database Pane Double-Click Behavior

I'm using DbVisualizer 9.5.1.

In the Database Pane when I double click on an object the object opens.  Of course, I can click on the "+" symbol to expand it.

As one coming from other software and trying to adopt DbVisualizer, I am accustomed to the double click action expanding the tree.  I think it'd be nice user setting option.

User Preference:  Database Pane Double Click

Option 1:  Open database object (as it's currently the behavior that would be default)

Option 2:  Expand database object


Thanks for your post.

There are a few enhancements in 10.0 related to what should happen when single and double-click, namely the new Autoscroll functionality and the option to Expand/Collapse Child Objects for Double-click Actions for Database Objects setting. See attached screenshot.

We will improve this even further in 10.0.2.



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Fantasitic!  That's what I'm after.  Now I just have to get my company to upgrade!  :)

My company has allowed us now to upgrade so I've been able to test this feature.  It works great!  Thank you!

Great to hear you like it Mike.

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