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Morph to Delimited List

I'm using DbVisualizer 9.5.1

I used to use Aqua Data Studio.  That program had a feature called "Morph to Delimited List".  I so miss that feature.  Here's an example of what it did.

First, user selects the following text:


Second, user right clicks and selects "Morph to Delimited List".  A few options appeared.  User hits OK.

Third, the values are morphed into this:


, 'pear'

, 'orange'

, 'banana'

It's such a handy feature I'd urge you all to consider it's addition into DbVisualizer.

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for the suggestion. I will open an enhancement request.

Since you are using 9.5.1 I suggest that you at least upgrade to 9.5.8 which is a free upgrade. If your license for DbVisualizer Pro expires after 2017-08-22 (verify in Help->License Key), you may also use the latest 10.0.1 version. If your license expired before that date you may consider a renewal.

Use Help->Check for Update to install a newer version.



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