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DBvis 10.0 on Linux client

Hello everyone

I have installed DBVis 10.0 using rpm on CentOS 7.

It installed OK but when I run it it simply exits, no error.

I tried to use export INSTALL4J_LOG=yes but not able to see the log file.

Where does it go on Linux? It is not in my home directory.

I suspect some of the dependent libraries that DBvis 10.0 requires are not installed on my CentOS 7.

What are the dependencies (apart from JDK 1.8) ?

I have a minimal install CentOS 7, so there is no GUI, which I suspect is the cause of dbvis not working.

thank you very much!

Hi Yuri,

DbVisualizer is primarily a GUI app so you need to run it on a platform with a GUI. There is also a command line interface, but you still need the GUI to set up the environment and install the license.

If you tell us more about what you're trying to accomplish, we may be able to give you some hints.

Best Regards,


thank you!

Yes, I got it working when I re-installed CentOS with Gnome GUI included.

I am wondering what is a minimum set of dependency packages for DBvis to work or does it require a full Gnome or full KDE GUI to work?

I have the same issue, but I am using gnome 3.  I run dbvis from a terminal and it just returns to the prompt.

Hi Yuri,

DbVisualizer does not require anything but a basic GUI that is compatible with Java Swing.

Best Regards,


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