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Drop Database Objects in SQL Editor: Include Schema

I personally love the fact that the "Drop Database Objects in SQL Editor" setting is available.  I always set it to "Insert Object Name".

I'd personally like to see this Tool Setting expanded to include a third option:  "Insert [Schema].[ObjectName]"

Current functionality provides the table name but if you're crossing schema's you really need to specify what you're hitting.  Providing that value in addition to the object name would be a welcome enhancement in my opinion.

Hi Mike,

Sorry for the late reply; this request slipped through the cracks.

We will discuss this internally, but Insert Object Name applies to all node types including Connections, Folders, etc. that does not have any qualifiers like catalog or schema and offers no configuration options. If you instead set  Drop Database Objects in SQL Editor to Launch Scripting Feature, you can choose to qualify the name when dropping a database object and generating a SELECT, INSERT, etc. statement based on the object. It looks like you are already aware of this, so please let us know why that is not a better option.

Best Regards,


Thanks for considering. Frankly, the Launch Scripting Feature isn't much for me. It's slower for coding than I'm used to. Compare it to something as generic and ubiquitous as SQL Server Management Studio where all you have to do is drag the object and you get the behavior expected 90% of the time (schema.object). I admit, I am a coder not a DBA. I can imagine DBAs would welcome a Scripting Feature like DbVis has. For me, I am always writing custom code with hoards of joins. I don't need Create Scripts, Drop Scripts, Update Scripts. Those are useful from time to time but more often than not, I just need the schema.object. Anyways, I understand if it's a no go. You all are awesome even to consider. For now, I'll try to get used to leaving full object name as the default and just deal with dragging and quickly pressing enter to confirm the dialog box. Thank you.


DbVisualizer 10.0.7 is now released with capability to qualify tables when DnD. This is controlled in the Connection Properties under Qualifiers and the Scripting setting.

Open Help->Check for Update in DbVisualizer to perform the upgrade. 

An alternative is that you download from our web site: 



SWEET!  I'm excited for this enhanced functionality.  You all are just great with your fast continued support and willingness to listen to user's feedback.  THANK YOU!

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