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Unable to upgrade to 10.0.3 (mac OS)

I am currently using 10.0.2, DBVIZ gave me the option to upgrade, and it downloaded the dmg, mounted it and executed the installer.

I selected 'Yes, update existing installation' and clicked next.

In the next window EULA appears, with 'I do not accept the agreement' selected. At this stage I cannot do anything, I can't accept the agreement nor click the back or cancel buttons. The installer just hangs. I have to force quit the installer and everytime I get stuck at the same position.

I have a log it generated to send to Apple, however I haven't attached it here as it is around 1mb in size, and it might contain some private details.

Let me know if you need more help on this.

I had the exact same issue.  The 'ignore app' option didn't work.  I had to:

1. Force close the dbvis installer
2. Close the magnet app
3. Re-launch the dbvis installer
4. install dbvis
5. open magnet app



Yes, the ignore app does not work for the installer, but it helps on other issues I have while running it afterwards.

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