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tab label - truncate, change font, allow table alias, etc

My client uses incredibly long, descriptive table names, which is great except when I'm looking at open tabs in DbVis. I definitely want the table name in the tab label, but that pretty much guarantees I'll only be able to fit 1 or 2 tabs in a normal window.

One possible solution, which might be useful in other use cases, is to expand the "tab header" possibilities by adding optional modifiers to the brace-enclosed keywords like this:


where a and b could be:

max_width - maximum number of characters to display

truncate_at - where to truncate (beginning, middle or end of string) value if larger than max_width

font - desired font, including size

If newlines (\n) were allowed in the tab header, a user could easily create, for example, a 2-line tab header with the table name on the 2nd line in a smaller font 

Finally, you could have "alias=filename" which would tell DbVis to look up the value in a text file containing aliases, and display the alias instead of the value (if it exists in the file). The file would be just:



If you wanted to be really fancy you could allow the filename to use other keywords' values. For example, I would create two files named 

DB1-ALIASES.TXT and DB2-ALIASES.TXT, and my alias value would be:


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Thanks for the detailed request. I've opened a ticket and we will have a look.



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