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Version Control System (git) Integration

It would be great if dbvis had a simple git (or other vcs) integration. Even if it's just committing the entire schema as a single .sql file that'd be better then nothing. I'd prefer to be able to do individual scripts, sql commander tabs, procedures, table ddls, etc. I have been trying to use DataGrip to achieve this but it pails in comparison to dbvis generally, although it does have good git integration. Otherwise I have to use custom scripts completely separately everytime I make a change to a procedure/table/etc in dbvis, would be really convenient to have it all in one tool. This is likely not a simple request, but I think it would make this tool very powerful and competitive.


We do have an open ticket in our feature tracker for VCS integration. I will add your vote for it but I must also say that the demand for VCS support is quite low so don't expect too much.



Add a vote from me as well.  An internal GitHub repository is our prefered VCS.

also a vote from me

Is this at least on the roadmap ?

also a vote from me.

Still missing this. Any medium sized or larger company has hard requirements for GIT/VCS for any production code changes or testing. I cannot recommend this product to anyone else in my department because it cannot be integrated. There are several alternatives that can. I hope this is still somewhere on your radar of frequent updates.

 Please ad a vote from me as well!

This would be an amazing addition, definitely needed, upvote!


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