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Profile - Command Output Element

Documentation for profiles list the following:
<Output modelaction="add" index="THIS_IS_A_NEW_COLUMN" value="Rattle and Hum">
<Output modelaction="rename" index="2" name="PHONE">
<Output modelaction="drop" index="MOBILE_PHONE">
<Output modelaction="removeisnullrows" index="4">
<Output modelaction="removerowsifequalto" index="ORDINAL_POSITION" value="0"/>

<Output modelaction="drop" index="MOBILE_PHONE" />


Drop does not work.  Have these features been implemented yet?

HI Nathan,

You are referring to the 9.1 users guide and I assume you are on 10.0.x? In a more recent version post processing of data sets was changed. Please check here for a list of commands:



Hi Roger,

This makes perfect sense.  I was reading an old manual!  Hah.  Sorry for the false alarm.



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