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SSH Tunnel option missing on Database URL Settings Format

Hey guys,

as far as I know there are two ways to setup a new database connection when not using the wizard:

  1. Server Info
  2. Database URL

When I choose to setup a connection via "Server Info" method, I'm able to specify the usage of a SSH tunnel. So far so good, but:

When I choose to setup a connection via "Database URL" method I cannot find the option to setup an SSH tunnel. Does this circumstance have any particular reason? Or am I overseeing just the option to setup an SSH tunnel?

Thanks in advance,

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The SSH option is only available with Server Info being enabled. The reason is that Server Info specifies the individual items that are used to compose the final JDBC URL and also the data needed for SSH (if enabled).

In what scenario would you like to use Database URL over Server Info?



In our team, we share the database connection properties of our customers systems in JDBC URL format (at least in some cases). It would be handy to just paste the JDBC URL while creating a new connection profile, add username and password and specify an SSH tunnel.

Nowadays, I need to manually pick up server address, port, database name etc. from the JDBC URL and paste it into the fields of Server Info dialog. 

I didn't get the reason for why there is no option to specify a SSH tunnel, regardless of which method I use when specifying the raw database connection properties.

(Sorry for my bad English, I hope you understand my questions)

Thanks for support!


Thanks for the details.

The reason SSH is only available with the Server Info option is that JDBC URL is proprietary format defined by the driver vendor. DbVisualizer needs to pick up for example server and port and doing that with a 100% accuracy in all JDBC drivers being used is a challenge. 

You mention that the reason is that you are sharing connection details with others users. We do have an open ticket to  add that functionality to make it easy to to transfer connection data from one user to another. I have added your vote for that enhancement.



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